The Wide Range Of Legal Cases that Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

When we think of a personal injury case, we generally think of a lawsuit following a car accident. Personal injury lawyers do indeed work with many of these types of cases, but they also deal with a variety of other types of work. There are many personal injury lawyers who focus on just one type of injury, but more and more are now expanding to include other types of tort law as well. Tort law describes all civil wrong and wrongful acts that have caused personal injury to someone, be that accidentally or deliberately. For this reason, a personal injury lawyer can actually handle a huge range of cases. It is important that people are aware of this, because they may be unknowingly entitled to compensation. Let’s review a few of the different areas that a personal injury lawyer might get involved in.

Firstly, personal injury lawyers deal with dog and other animal bites. One area in which they frequently work is surrounding slips, trips and falls. These injuries are so common, in fact, that businesses have entire strategies and policies around health and safety, ensuring the chance of employees, clients and others slipping, tripping or falling is greatly reduced. This is also due to the fact that some very significant injuries can occur as a result of this type of accident. Besides this, a personal injury lawyer is also likely to deal with a work related injury. Work related injuries include such things as falling over in the office or vibration white finger and so on. If someone sustains an injury due to a faulty product, they can also turn to a personal injury lawyer. A very complicated area, and one that most lawyers specialize in solely, is medical malpractice. Indeed, medical malpractice suits are some of most labor intensive cases, and some of the hardest to win, even if they shouldn’t be. Many people believe that the medical industry simply cannot be taken on. Not just that, however, the result of medical malpractice is often death, and not many people realize it was due to malpractice.

A lot of lawyers now also deal with assault cases. There are also many cases in which it actually revolves around battery. There are also increasing numbers of cases of sports injuries that personal injury lawyers deal with. They also take on cases of wrongful death, which they do on behalf of the surviving family members. Cases of intentionally inflicted emotional distress are also increasingly common. There are various other cases as well, although these are usually related to personal injury sustained by breaching other areas of law (for instance fraud).