Reasons Why You Should Never Text And Drive

There are those who opt to text instead of calling, considering that the communication method is convenient and cheap. If you are using texting as your primary means of contacting family, friends and colleagues, then you should make sure that you are aware of its drawbacks. This is especially apparent when texting gets in the way of safety. Texting requires your attention as you type, and when you attempt to text while doing something else, you could end up making a mistake or experiencing some type of mishap. If you think that it’s not a good experience to trip on your feet because you were texting while walking, you should consider what it would be like to encounter an accident if you text and drive at the same time. With the growing number of mobile related vehicle accidents, you should think about whether you are putting yourself and your passengers in danger when you text and drive at the same time.

You might consider texting to be a task that requires little effort, but you still have to concentrate or take the time to text for a few seconds, taking your eyes off the road in the process. Your concentration on driving could be broken even by the mere act of reaching for your mobile phone. If you think that your powers of concentration allows you to safely text and drive at the same time, don’t be confident in thinking that you can react in a timely manner to avoid a possible accident. The distraction texting provides can very well slow down your reflexes and cost you precious opportunity to avoid getting into an accident. Make sure that you don’t end up becoming a part of the statistics featuring an alarming percentage of car accidents that are due to mobile phone usage.

One of the tips you should pay heed to is to keep you hands off your phone while driving until you reach your destination. If you have to, you can also keep it out of sight during the trip. We suggest that you keep on driving, even if you hear your phone alerting you to a text message. Keep in mind that in cases of emergencies, people favor calling instead of texting because they don’t have to take the time to type a message. If there is a call and you don’t want to risk missing on an important call or to address an emergency, then make sure to pull over before answering the call. If you have passengers with you, then you can assign a designated texter who can hold your phone and reply to important text messages for you instead.