Hiring A Lawyer When Your Disability Claim Was Denied: Benefits And Downsides

When a health issue or disability keeps you from working, in order to support yourself and your loved ones, you would possibly be entitled to payments through Social Security Disability Insurance. Not surprisingly, the application process for disability benefits deserves particular attention: When a claim is rejected for whatever reason it could be a substantial economic hardship. This is the reason why you may want to consider the assistance of a lawyer when you need to claim disability benefits

You may not know it, a lot of applications are turned down on initial review, also those claims filled out with an attorney’s assistance. You’ll want a lawyer when your initial claim has been turned down and the case will go before a court.

How the lawyer can aid in the process

  • Getting everything in order for the court hearing is a very complicated task which involves requesting and compiling medical records, getting testimony and viewpoints of expert witnesses as well as going over work and educational background, work history and lots of other documents which could help with your case. By having an experienced lawyer, this is going to be much simpler for the layman. The attorney can make sure that everything required will be provided in the best way.
  • The judge will question you throughout the hearing; a good attorney can prepare you for the types of questions which are asked and the correct way to respond to them.
  • Experts may appear in the court room, presenting hypothetical work you may or may not be able to do. An attorney can cross examine this expert and bring in information from your medical record that could affect the VE’s assessment of your ability to work.
  • Your disability lawyer will be paid on contingency, meaning he does not receive money until you win your claim. The attorney will therefore have valid reason and motivation that your case is going to be approved.
  • Because of the complexity of a disability hearing, very few people ever manage to reverse a denial with no legal help. The attorney will do their best so that the initial denial might be reversed.
  • The disadvantages

    The attorney will get a certain portion of your back pay award in case you are successful. Their fees are limited to $6000 or 25% of the sum you will get once your claim was approved.

    Certainly, there’s never a guarantee that a disability claim denial will be reversed. Yet, the attorney will significantly maximize your chances to succeed with this.